Senior Employment

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Current Closures and Cancellations

Current Closures

  • Meals on Wheels and Roving Pantry are continuing daily deliveries.
  • Closed Senior Centers: Linwood, Downtown, Orchard Park, and Northeast. (Until Further Notice)
  • Senior Employment is not open to the public, but job seekers can call the program at 267-1771 or communicate via email.
  • Heartland Games track and field is cancelled for 2020 but the 5K walk/run and the Pickleball tournament are both scheduled for September.
  • Picklepalooza has been postponed from April to September 2020.

For the most current updates visit our facebook page here.

Mature Workers Seeking Employment

Reaching “retirement age” doesn’t always mean “ready for retirement.” As Americans live longer and participate in the interests they have always enjoyed, our concept of retirement has changed. Many people 55 + choose to continue working past traditional retirement age simply because they love to work, love to be active and love to be involved. Others seek employment because of economic necessity. The Senior Employment Program can help mature workers find paid employment in a variety of business and in-home placements. The program is tailored specifically to jobseekers age 55+, and is recognized throughout Sedgwick County as a valuable resource for employers seeking mature workers and the skills, reliability and experience they bring with them. Senior Employment provides job referrals in business, industry and in-home care placements. The program is consistently regarded as one of the top placement programs by the Wichita Business Journal.

Prefer working for an individual or family instead of a large corporation? Then In-Home Support Services is for you! Click here to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible?

    Anyone 55 + is eligible to become a Senior Employment Program client. All clients must complete an orientation program prior to receiving referrals or using the program’s support services.

  • What can Senior Employment do for me?

    The program can assist with all phases of a job search and specialize in the following:

    • Résumé Preparation
    • Job Readiness Skills Seminars/Employment Orientation
    • Basic Computer Training
    • Weekly Job Club Meetings
  • How do I apply?

    Come into the Senior Employment Program office at 200 S. Walnut, Wichita, Kansas Monday – Friday or call 267-1771, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

  • Does it cost to register with the Senior Employment Program?

    There is no fee to clients or to employers. We ask for $10 for resume preparation and donations are always encouraged.

Senior Employment Program - Application