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Job Opening Available

The Wasser’s Story

In Their Own Words - Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Dean & Marilyn Wasser have delivered Meals on Wheels for over 25 years. Marilyn started volunteering first in the 1990s when she was still working and the program delivered an evening meal. On many occasions Dean would accompany her on the route. Upon retirement in the early 2000s Marilyn took up several other volunteer projects so Dean took over her meals route. From September 2009 to October 2015 Dean served on the Board of Directors. During the pandemic Marilyn has once again joined Dean on his routes. At 88 & 87 years young the Wassers prove that age is just a number. Here are some of their personal reflections on serving homebound, isolated seniors.

“Food is crucial to our existence.”
“It is personally fulfilling to see the clients.”
“Meals on Wheels keeps them out of nursing homes.”
“During icy weather I wear steel grips on my shoes when out delivering.”
“It’s fun to get to know other volunteers. We establish a comradery.”
“We’ve been blessed and are grateful we can help others.”

“Many seniors on the route have become like personal friends.”
“Some clients are from our church. We bring them flowers and let our church family know how they are doing.”
“No one has EVER asked us for ANYTHING like money or other things.”
“We’ve heard thousands of GOD BLESS YOUs over the years.”
{on staying active and healthy} “Great genes coupled with golf and exercise 3 times a week. And a scotch a day! Dean prefers his Budweiser!”