Mentor Programs

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Mentors Help Change Our Community

Senior Services operates 2 mentor programs.

EARLY HEAD START MENTORS PROGRAM: Through a partnership that began with Child Start, Inc. Senior Services provides mentors for pregnant and teenage mothers in Wichita. The Head Start mentors are women age 50 and better who make a six-month commitment to a mentoring relationship with a teen mom. The pair spends 8 hours per month together, visiting or doing activities in the community.

YOUNG MOMS MENTORING PROGRAM – YMMP: Through a partnership with Volunteer Kansas, The Treehouse and the Wichita Children’s Home, volunteer mentors are matched with parenting teens. The mentors are men and women of any age who agree to make a six-month commitment to a mentoring relationship with a teen parent.  The pair spends 8 hours per month together, sharing their experiences and enjoying activities together. The program has four goals:

  • Graduation from high school or obtain GED
  • Postpone subsequent pregnancies while in the mentoring program
  • Finding and maintaining employment
  • Developing a post-high school life plan


Teen mothers who are mentored have less depression, feel less isolated, and are 3 to 4 times less likely to have another pregnancy in their youth. Babies of mentored moms also go to the hospital less often. Being a mentor has many benefits for the volunteer. Mentors have fewer instances of sickness and disease, have a longer and better quality of life, and feel more connected to their community. Mentors change our community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the mentees?

    Mentees are young women ages 14 to 21 who are participating in the Early Head Start program of Child Start, Inc or the YMMP – Young Mothers Mentoring Program in collaboration with the Wichita Children’s Home and Volunteer Kansas. The mentees may be pregnant when mentoring begins, or already have one or more small children.

  • How do I become a mentor?

    To become a mentor, an interested individual will complete an application, provide three references, be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator and give permission for a background check. Senior Services provides training for volunteers before the mentoring begins and supports the match as long as the mentor and mentee meet.

    Contact the program coordinator at 267-0302 ext. 203 for more information or to set up an orientation.

As the newest service offered by Senior Services the Mentor Program is still developing and growing. Funding is a major dilemma and unfortunately we lack the financial resources to reach more teen mothers. If you know of a funding source or grant with an interest in this program or would like to donate please call 267-0302 ext.: 203.