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Job Opening Available

Job Opening Available

Pet Support for Meals on Wheels

The Paw Pals Project Launches at Senior Services. For People who Love Senior Citizens and their pets.

In March 2022 Senior Services launched an exciting new project with a start-up grant awarded by Meals on Wheels America and PetSmart Charities. PawPals was designed to help Meals on Wheels clients with pets maintain their furry friends as safely (and for as long) as possible. Most seniors served on Meals on Wheels are homebound living alone and often with limited resources. Their pets are their lifeblood. Too many times we hear our seniors share ½ of their meal with their animals. Many are in need of veterinary care. In collaboration with volunteers from WAAL (Wichita Animal ActionLeague) and Beauties & Beasts, Senior Services is now able to deliver pet food to over 60 seniors and pets in need. The number continues to grow and we need your help to serve them. Please consider a pet food or financial donation to support this growing program. If you’d like to help feed a senior and their furry companion visit the registration desk for more details or call Stacy Braniff at 316-267-0302 ext. 233.

Client Stories


    Eddie is a Meals on Wheels client who is very friendly and talkative. He has a bit of a speech impediment but he loves to talk with his volunteers and Meals on Wheels staff members. Eddie is a little lonely and can talk a long time! He has a Chihuahua named Mr. Peanut who is approximately 9-11 years old. Thanks to our partnership with WAAL Mr. Peanut had his nails trimmed for the 1st time in his life. Eddie is very grateful for the monthly dog food deliveries as he was sharing his meals with Mr. Peanut. Since receiving the pet food, Mr. Peanut is no longer eating people food and has lost weight. Eddie has also noticed that Mr. Peanut is no longer scratching his skin indicating he must have a type of allergy to “people food”.


    In December 2021 Gupton’s Pet Store donated bags of both dog & cat food to the project. One client named Michael was in desperate need of cat food and couldn’t wait until the program launched. Michael’s situation was very difficult. He was both deaf and mute with a colostomy bag and other extreme health issues but his 2 cats were his family. His financial resources and family support were limited. His hot water heater and furnace were both broken and in need of repair. His Meals on Wheels Social Service Specialist worked to find him resources for home repairs. Our Public Relations Coordinator delivered cat food to his home even before the project was up and rolling. She arrived to find that the only furnishing Michael had in his trailer was 2 cat beds. He did have a communication device that typed out words for him to make communication easier. His appreciation was expressed in the form of physical gestures – a smile and a hug along with a mouthed “thank you”. Unfortunately Michael’s health condition was so severe he passed away in January. Senior Services is grateful we were able to serve him in the last couple months of his life and bring a smile to his face.

PawPals Volunteers