Building for the Boomers and Beyond

A campaign for Senior Services

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Honoring Our Seniors

An Unexpected Gift For The Future

Senior Services received a call from the Dwane and Velma Wallace Foundation offering an unsolicited lead gift for a campaign to restore and rebuild the Walnut location. A passionate community supporter and longtime Meals on Wheels volunteer, Mrs. Wallace held a special place in her heart for Senior Services. Unbeknownst to management, the foundation paid a visit to Senior Services and saw firsthand the need for adequate space and updated facilities. Together the foundation and agency spent the last two years conducting an architectural study to determine structural needs and explore designs for increased capacity.


The Future Of Senior Services

A recent study conducted by WSU regarding retirement-age people found this group will outnumber children in 50 years. The retirement population will more than double by 2064, but the number of young people will only grow 1.5%. The study also found that Kansas’ population will grow 600,000 in the next 50 years, and of that, 400,000 will fall in the retirement age category.

These broad range predictions are indications of the need for increased service capacity for the aging population. Boomers are just now entering the doors of Senior Services and they bring with them vastly different needs and expectations.

Boomers wish to remain active and engaged in their community. This is an assertive generation who require resources for aging in place. Most will continue to work long after retirement age. Communal facilities such as independent and assisted living will not be a desired lifestyle, driven by equal parts personal preference as well as financial limitations. Senior Services will experience a major increase in consumers in need of services and must plan accordingly. The future senior center members will practice yoga and holistic preventative healthcare. Future Meals on Wheels clients will eat salads and lattes while future job seekers will require employment with adequate health care and benefit packages.

200 S Walnut - Current Facility Conditions

Campaign Outcomes

The current Meals on Wheels has the capacity to prepare 1,000 meals a day.  The new kitchen will have capacity to prepare 3,000 meals a day.


The Downtown Senior Center will double in size. The center currently has the capacity to adequately serve a membership of 1,500 people each year. The expanded center will host more social, educational and recreational events that keep people active and healthy. All rooms will be located on the first floor, seniors will no longer have to climb stairs.


Currently the employment office area is so small job seekers must stand in line in the hall waiting to speak to a program specialist.  The remodeled offices will have a front door reception area for job seekers to sit while waiting to speak to staffers.  The computer lab will double in size containing at least 12 computer stations for on-line applications and resume preparation.


For more information on these exciting changes contact 316-267-0302 and ask to speak with Laurel Alkire or Chris Heiman


They took care of us, please help us take care of them.

If you’d like to help build a brighter future for our seniors donate now!

The Future of 200 S Walnut

Consider The Facts

  • $37 provides Meals on Wheels for one person for one week.
  • $148 provides Meals on Wheels for one person for one month.
  • $1,900 provides Meals on Wheels for one person for an entire year.
  • $50 provides 2 weeks of Roving Pantry grocery delivery to one senior.

There are other ways your money works to keep seniors active, healthy and living in their own homes.

  • $200 provides job development services to find one person a new job.
  • $600 provides thirty hours of respite for the caregiver of a homebound person.
  • $100 provides a senior 12 months of programs and events at a senior center

You can also support the work of Senior Services by giving your last gift from your estate or trust. Click here to open our fundraising brochure and learn about the many ways a planned gift can benefit both you and Senior Services.

Our senior loved ones took care of all of us,
so will you please help us take care of them

Building for the Boomers and Beyond Building for the Boomers and Beyond

Senior Activities

Senior Services is more than just Meals on Wheels. There's a lot of fun going around at our 4 senior centers.

Building for the Boomers and Beyond Building for the Boomers and Beyond

Meals On Wheels

One of our biggest and most crucial programs couldn't have been done without our wonderful staff and amazing volunteers.