Valentine’s Fun

February 27, 2017

For the month of February several events were held by our Senior Centers in honor of the month of love. Live music, games and food provided along the event. Members of the Senior Centers come together on the special event days to celebrate love and to socialize with one another.

At the Linwood Senior Center, Love stories is a special event where members are singing along to the sounds of the guitar and listening to the stories of couples who have been together for over 50+ years! Handmade crafts garnered the red table cloths as a drawing was held for some surprising gifts.

Over at the Orchard Park Senior Center, members enjoyed a lunch, that was donated generously, while enjoying the music provided by Garter Music. Candy and valentines decorated the tables as the members ate and talked with their friends during the even.

Northeast Senior Center dealt all of their cards as they decorated the tables with a simple white cloth while hearts hung above on the ceilings. Food was provided by the members themselves as there were a range of finger sandwiches to homemade cupcakes. The dating game was played for a little chuckle as the contestants asked questions to their suitors. Music was played as the members got to chat and eat.


Each center holds special events like this according to what the members of the centers like, if you’d like to learn more or would like to join in on these fun events don’t be afraid to check out one of our four centers.

Valentine's Fun